Highly useful document for you to define purpose of your mobile app project​. It includes details on how the product should be built and supported to ensure that you build a successful product.
Briefly describe the app and what you want the app to do.
What is the objective of your app?
Briefly outline the flow of the app for the types of users (admin, regular user, guest, etc.) For example: Login, products homepage, product details, checkout, confirmation.
What is the purpose of the app or product? What are you trying to accomplish?
*At Belvic Technologies, we offer a Design & Discovery session where our team works alongside you to establish expectations for the product, define goals, and create the roadmap for your Minimum Viable Product and future product phases.
What platforms will the app be built for (iOS, Android, etc.)?
Hardware that the app will run on/communicate with (for example, beacons).
Where are the assumptions you’re making about the user (for example, X% of users will see enough value in the product to become regular users).
What are the constraints or the limitations that teams must work within such as scope, budget, and time. Are there any risk tolerance, resources/staff, and quality requirements, internal process changes?

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